Thank You, Claire!

What a show last night!

So many laughs, tears, and cheers for an amazing friend, improviser, and performer - Claire Simone.

Over four years ago, Claire entered our lives with an energy and passion for music. She wanted to take a "leap of faith" and try something new, so she took a chance on improv comedy. Claire immediately said "yes, and," found herself on stage, and quickly stole the spotlight with her passion for combining music and comedy.

Behind the scenes, Claire was always willing to help, and was someone who could be counted on whenever needed. Claire never hid her passion for teaching and helping grow the improv scene in London. She was so caring and always took the time to chat and get to know our students on a human level. Claire sacrificed numerous hours with her family for road shows, and was willing to rearrange her hectic schedule because she loved to perform. Many late Friday nights at the London Music Club led to sleep-deprived Saturday mornings at work, but Claire always did it with a smile.

Claire will forever be part of Shut the Front Door's DNA, and we are so grateful for the moments we shared with her, both on- and offstage.

As one journey comes to an end, another one starts. We are so happy for Claire and her new all-female troupe, "Y Not?" We know their improv journey will lead them toward great things.

We wish Claire all the best, and look forward to having an opportunity to work with her again in the future. We will always be your funny family!

Brandon Rudd is the Artistic Director of Shut The Front Door Improv, located in London, Ontario, Canada. He loves comedy and his idol is Chris Farley.