STFD Summer Scoop: The Brandon Edition

 as long as you can make yourself laugh...

as long as you can make yourself laugh...

The summer is in full swing, and that means you probably haven't seen us in a while! With our new season just around the corner, we take a look at how the STFD improvisers have been spending the warm months. Third up is Brandon Rudd:

How have you been spending your summer?

I didn't have too many big plans. We took a few family road trips - to Ipperwash Beach, Toronto, and Collingwood. The STFD booths at Sunfest and Ribfest were also a ton of fun.

What comedy are you watching/listening to/reading right now?

I'm listening to The Backline Podcast (featuring RN and Cawls, who will be in town with us on September 16th!) I'm loving Maya and Marty - it's such a cool throwback to the days of funny, silly variety shows. My favourite right now is Baroness von Sketch Show - it's brilliant! I really look forward to new episodes and I'm so proud that these women are Canadian.

How would you spend your ideal summer weekend?

It would be quiet...very quiet. Darkness, shorts, Collingwood whisky, my deck, and most importantly, my wife and daughter.

How are you preparing for the upcoming STFD season?

Spending countless hours creating new shows, classes, and experiences for our fans. We had a blast at Sunfest and Ribfest, and hosted London's first ever Rooftop Improv show!

What are you most excited about this season?

The guests, the new shows, and the addition of another troupe to the STFD family! I really enjoy seeing new and old faces at classes and shows. I love teaching improv because it inspires me to continue working harder for our awesome community.

How do you prepare before you hit the stage for a performance?

I eat well and drink lots of water. I also try to stay away from anything comedy-related a day or two in advance to ensure I don't subconsciously "borrow" a joke or character.

Shut the Front Door return to the London Music Club on September 9th with The Country Mockery Awards, and RN and Cawls Live in London! on September 16th. CLICK HERE to purchase a Fall Flex Pass today and save!