Off the Hinges Improv

STFD is proud to present our brand new troupe, Off The Hinges! This newly formed group is made up of Masterclass alumni who began their improv journeys with STFD! Under the guidance of Sam Tall, Off The Hinges has been practicing a variety of short form games as they look to make a splash in the London improv scene!

Upcoming Shows

March Madness Improv

Thursday, March 22nd - 7:30pm

London Music Club

Let the madness begin as Off the Hinges hits the stage for a night of improv comedy with very special guest, Kristen Keller! Kristen brings her extensive background in film, tv, musical theatre, and improv to the London Music Club for a slam dunk evening of laughs with OTH!

A portion of proceeds from the evening will be donated to Stevenson Children's Camp, a local organization who provides less fortunate children a summer camp experience.

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Our Troupe

Jenn Birch

A multi-talented Londoner, Jenn Birch was determined to try her hand at improv after attending an STFD show. A videographer by trade, she and her fiancée operate their own company, Through the Lens Productions.

Before performing, Jenn loves a rousing game of Freeze Tag to get her energy pumping and her blood flowing.

When she’s not editing footage, Jenn is editing her garden, riding her bike, and reveling in the beauty of nature and its abundance of Pokémon.  

Sofia Eidsath

Phil Garinger

Detroit Rock City’s own Phil Garinger found his way across the border to Southern Ontario as a youngster, but it wasn’t until recently that he stumbled across a drop-in improv class and discovered what he had been missing his entire life.

With children that no longer require constant supervision (or any at all), Phil is able to turn his attention to learning and performing improv.

He also enjoys creating when offstage, utilizing steel, concrete and wood for fun. After coaching minor league sports, Phil finds time to kick up his feet and sip a smooth single malt.

Matt Grimminck

Lily Mae

Lily Mae emerged from Palmerston, Ontario searching for adventure, and that is exactly what she found. An eclectic career path has seen her bounce around the globe, dabbling in a little bit of everything.

As a voiceover artist, her coach recommended improv as a means to explore character and creativity. Lily has also taught dance, Zumba, and classrooms full of children.

Lily loves a game of Whose Line?, and can’t help you cook, but is “a very confident eater.”

Heather Pegg

Perhaps it was divine guidance that put Heather Pegg in the STFD crowd that fateful evening, as her soul cried out for more, and she soon signed up to learn the art of improv.

A native of London, Heather likes to warm up with a game of Blind Freeze Tag while finding her inner breath and utilizing positive energy.

When she isn’t volunteering for every single extracurricular activity at work, Heather is either riding her motorcycle, playing soccer, or running a relaxing triathlon.

Sam Tall

Billed as the World's Tallest Wellander, Sam Tall brings height and handshakes to the world of STFD.

An original founder of the troupe, Sam has been honing his improv skills since the group's basement beginnings. Always on the go, he spends almost every evening teaching improv while still managing to goof around with his wife and three children.

When he's not commanding a room with his MC skills, he's spinning sweet tracks at weddings and events around Southwestern Ontario with Music Central Entertainment.