Shut the Front Door Improv is a registered not-for-profit organization. A portion of our proceeds are donated directly to charitable organizations within our community. Groups we have worked with include Sebastian's Superheroes, SARI Therapeutic Riding, Defeat Depression, and London Youth Theatre Education. 

Our Mission

Shut the Front Door Improv is dedicated to: 

- Performance, teaching, development, and the promotion of improvisational theatre within Canada and the US

- Bringing awareness to a variety of local charitable organizations through the above-mentioned activities

- Mentoring and creating strong improvisers within the community

Our Troupe

1 STFDTaylorHSwebsize.jpg

Taylor Axford

Born in the fair city of London, Taylor Axford found his love of the stage with roles in numerous theatrical productions and a few terrible stand-up sets. It was at Western University that Taylor stumbled upon the magical art form of improv comedy. 

Before shows, Taylor is usually sick to his stomach, a curse that has befallen him since high school. On stage, he loves the challenge of Serenade and the freedom of longform improv. 

When he's not performing. Taylor is writing, going to concerts, getting one haircut per year, and talking about how much he wants to travel. Taylor is often late to improv practice because he can't decide which hat to wear (not a metaphor). 

Jenn Charlebois


A multi-talented Londoner, Jenn Birch was determined to try her hand at improv after attending an STFD show. A videographer by trade, she and her fiancée operate their own company, Through the Lens Productions.

Before performing, Jenn loves a rousing game of Freeze Tag to get her energy pumping and her blood flowing.

When she’s not editing footage, Jenn is editing her garden, riding her bike, and reveling in the beauty of nature and its abundance of Pokémon.  

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Kevin Elliott

Kevin Elliott took his first breaths in the booming metropolis of Cambridge, Ontario. His family, growing weary of the big city life, sought a new that was much smaller and much further north. They settled on New Liskeard, Ontario, where the tot counted himself among the town's 5,000 residents.

High school drama (the class, not the gossip) and a brief stand-up stint in university led Kevin to the world of improv. He graduated STFD's Masterclass with flying colours, earning a spot on the troupe shortly thereafter. 

When Kevin isn't on the links, swimming, or meditating, he squeezes in time for his career as a psychotherapist. He also volunteers for Changing Ways.

Kevin's favourite game is Elimination, and he is the undisputed pun king. His bedtime routine may or may not involve listening to Ed Sheeran's Photograph.

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Ryan Holden

Born and raised in humble Simcoe, Ontario, Ryan Holden has long had a love of all things comedy...including the Toronto Maple Leafs.

A continual pursuit of personal betterment landed Ryan on STFD's doorstep, where his willingness to experiment and devotion to physicality have made him a mainstay. His bold character choices shine through in his favourite game, Question Your Answer.

A software developer by trade, Ryan spends his spare time expanding his big, sexy brain with the world of documentaries and podcasts. He also has a desire to hop up on stage and try his hand at stand-up comedy. 

Kathleen Jackson 

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Kathleen Jackson's journey started in St. Catharines, Ontario. A quality assurance inspection gig landed her in London, where she sought a new avenue for innovation. Stumbling upon the now-infamous Kijiji ad, Kathleen soon found herself on stage. She instantly fell in love with improv, and recalls thinking, "I hope they don't kick me out, because I'm not leaving."

Since then, Kathleen has blazed a trail across North America, workshopping, taking classes, and performing. On show days, preparation is key, as Kathleen's energy (drink) and passion levels are at all-time highs. Once she hits the stage, she enjoys portraying the lives of strangers in First Date

Away from the world of improv, Kathleen is a diehard Green Bay Packers fan, loves travelling, and shares a happy life with her better half. 

AJ Jarvis


A product of London, Ontario, AJ Jarvis improvised his way through high school, both inside and outside the classroom. He was an original member of STFD before a job opportunity took him to Northern Ontario.

Now, back in the fold, AJ is once again ready to talk to himself in the car before hopping on stage for his favourite game, World’s Worst.

A builder of Hollywood die-cast model cars, AJ also enjoys relaxing with video games and movies.   

Jim Kelly 

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The pride of Mitchell, Ontario (after Howie Morenz), Jim Kelly began his foray into the world of entertainment as an actor in high school productions. Seeking a creative outlet and a complement to his career as a radio broadcaster, Jim found STFD. As a morning co-host of The Taz Show on FM96, Jim finds himself constantly longing for both naps and energy drinks. 

Often found on stage, Jim can be seen MCing charity events across London, or perfecting his skills as the "White Vanilla Ice" in his favourite improv game, Kick It. Ironically enough, "kick it" is what Mr. Kelly likes to do to a soccer ball in his spare time. He is also an avid snowboarder, video gamer, and chiller.